Claim protocol

The date of receipt of the complaint is considered as the date of delivery of the claimed goods with the appropriate documents to the TTG SE company. You will be notified of the result of the complaint by e-mail or letter. Upon termination of the complaint procedure, you have the opportunity to collect the goods claimed at the TTG SE facility for 14 days, in case of non-collection, the goods will be disposed of in an environmentally sound manner. If the claim is acknowledged, the seller is obliged to deliver the goods to the customer, eventually to agree on financial compensation.

Contact to an end user

Contact to the dealer that claims goods:

Tirex ID width profile Wheel Load index Speed index Pattern Full DOT code tyre pressure position of the tyre

Tires repaired, used in contravention of the vehicle producer's recomendation or mechanically damaged, are not covered by the manufacturer's standard warranty. Complaints are deemed to have been received at the time of receipt of a fully completed complaint report, including the claimed tire, to the TTG SE in Pavlov. Fill in the yellow fields is required by the manufacturer, so please fill in the fields thoroughly, thus increasing the length of the complaint procedure. For each complaint submitted, it is necessary to attach this complaint report to its later identification, unless this happens, may lead to an extension of the time necessary to resolve a specific complaint. Overdue receivables and detailed expertise of the manufacturer may result in a prolongation of the claim procedure. By sending and completing this protocol, the customer agrees to all the conditions and circumstances set forth in the Complaint Protocol in the Complaint Procedure and the TTG SE's General Business Terms and Conditions valid and effective on the date of the conclusion of the Framework Purchase Agreement Customer agree to a possible tire cut in order to determine or counteract the manufacturing defect of the tire, and we will not claim compensation if the claim is rejected. If one of the options is not satisfied in the event of a claim being rejected, we agree that the unsolicited goods will be discarded ecologically after 14 days from the sending of the claim.